5# Season
Teamspeak:  Sign ups: YES
Sign up limit: 8 Teams
Transfers: on
Players limit: 300
User's teams: YES (limit: 8)
ico 3rd Season

The third FarCry Wars Leagues season has ended. Here is a short summary.

This is for now the last League Season and we want to say thank you to all Teams that participated in our league in the last 6 months.

Is important mention here that this was our first league where we all has played over the anti-cheater system from patch LRv2, and also with 1.33 settings on the servers config; Seems like we all had a lot of fun in fair game and enjoyed in this season using LR's Patch.

Also congratulations to BIG Team winning the 3rd Season in 2017 of our FWL in front of RnT who secured themselves the second place and MFA who placed on the 3rd place this time... and at the last but not less to E-s Team who garant the 4th place when face a great match against Gents Team.

Congratulations to all the winners and we wish all the teams new victories in the future!

We have been closely monitoring the leagues and examining the shortcomings of the current system. Some conclusions have already been made, so expect a number of changes in the leagues in the future. Detailed plans for the next season will be announced later.


Team/Clan Selected Map Status
Server Settings

* Map time limit per round:
-> gr_TimeLimit = 20min (for each side)
* Invulnerability Timer on respawn:
-> gr_invulnerabilityTimer = 3 Seconds

* gr_RespawnTime / gr_Static_Respawn:
-> 5v5 => 12 sec
-> 4v4 => 10 sec
-> 3v3 => 8 sec
-> 2v2 => 6 sec

* LR (ON) -> sv_LR = 1
* Rockets (OFF) -> gr_nosr = 0
* Friendly Fire (ON) -> gr_FriendlyFire = 1
* Team Balance (OFF) -> gr_team_balance = 0

For those teams that need a TS3 to play, MFA clan offer 3 public channels for FWL event's... So, now you can join on this TS3 server: with your team to play yours FWL matches!

Stay Tunned...

ico Comments
Sun, 16-07-17 11:26  
it's great idea to organize something like this - even it will be nice to create 2 squads of "Others" - one 5 will be play on first map and second 5 on another so it can be 10 players at all emo
Sun, 16-07-17 09:59  
This is good idea! I am for emo
Sun, 16-07-17 09:12  
Would have been nice to end this season with a All Star Game : BIG team versus Others teams on 5vs5... :-)

Anyway thank you for all the organization again, it's always great to still play Far Cry funwars in 2017 !

Edited: Sun, 16-07-17 09:13
Fri, 30-06-17 18:54  
Hi, I'm just wonder what is your kills record guys?, my is ... Go here
Thu, 01-06-17 21:24  
RNT will take map (am_rundown). emo
Thu, 25-05-17 17:32  
Hey guyz, nice to see a new season is comming up, I hope to play more matches than on previous one :-)

About the new rules I dont mind if we have to play with Teamkill ON or not, I always though it has been turned off on public servers because of beginers for easy games to start on. I'm sure everyone playing this tounament nowadays is skilled enough to do not kill his teamate everytimes he is launching a nade... otherwise keep it on your pocket and focus on shooting hehe emo

Now about the respawntime rules, I think we could at least have a try , I remember I played a lot of 5v5 wars on ESL and CLANBASE with respawntime at 15s on the standard maps and people all loved it because it was easier to capture a flag so more dynamic games : we didn't played 20min at defending the same flag and then 20 more minutes at defending the same flag again ^ Quite boring but it's just my point of view.

Cu soon guyz

Edited: Sat, 27-05-17 12:22
Thu, 25-05-17 05:33  
As far as I can remember 12 seconds was at the very beginning on Ubisoft servers for 18 people. But over time, many servers changed for 10 seconds.
Also do not forget cho earlier in FarCry played a lot of people 8 vs 8, 6 vs 6. If you create 12 seconds then almost all the flags will be taken and all losts, the more if you allow FF. At the expense of fun, I agree that it will be fun for Fun Wars but not for Clan Wars, Clan War is more serious games.. This is only my opinion, so I think that it will be right to vote on the account of all innovations and take all the clans to participate in this, so that later on there would be no questions. emo
Edited: Thu, 25-05-17 05:35
Thu, 25-05-17 05:08  
I apologize for my very bad English! Yes LM you understood me correctly. I want to note the fact that the rules are created by the organizer accordingly, he is responsible for the tournament. Thank you for listening to my thoughts.
Thu, 25-05-17 01:02  
In my opinion...

Some few payers got so badly accustomed to using low respawn times like 6s,8s and even 10s on some public servers, that now I even suspect that this respawntime reduction had affect the players intelligence in gameplay, if they have to wait 12s to respawn it's also will be the same for the enemy, so what's the problem? Maybe the major problem here is that now people didn't needed to learn how to exploit this advantage like waiting for next respawntime for kill a defender and then start an attack, or even in the opposite side for commit a suicide before end the respawntime in defence to start again with full life and armor.

It's also sadly to see that some few players don't wish do a suicide because they think that they will lost some points in trackbase website!... But remember that in locked servers trackbase you don't will get any ranked points.

Well, maybe it's too late to change people's habits, But I would like try it on this new season to see if we can recover the true fun of this great game again!

* A little note: It's about the last Privet post's... At the begin I really didn't understand what he was try to say, but after read it over and over I think that get his point (Well... I supose that he was talking about the RnT server countdown to use a fixed respawntime equal for all players), and I would explain that in official FWL servers we don't will use this fix countdown on respawntime, rly sry m8!

Kmon guys... It's not so hard (Let's give it a try, like our old and good times!) emo
Edited: Thu, 25-05-17 02:00
Wed, 24-05-17 21:45  
Yeah that's true, the Respawn Time used from the old ESL and ClanBase when they did FarCry Wars in the times of 2005, when eXcaliTrone v2 of Shilka was required together with PunkBuster of Evenbalance. They used 15Sec on a 5v5 Match, and 8 in a 2v2 Match. The middle of 10Sec for 3v3 and 12Sec for 4v4 is a good average.
Let's try it out.
Edited: Wed, 24-05-17 21:52
Wed, 24-05-17 20:39  
Then I suggest: the time of birth for each player to make a separate. Since done on RnT servers. I think that this measure will compensate for the great time (12 sec) of birth of the player that you offer.
Wed, 24-05-17 20:11  
Hi Privet,

First of all, thank you for share your thoughts with us, I really appreciate your ideas (and you know this!).

Now, I will comment follow the sections that you expose here:

1) About the "Efficiency" formula... I like your idea but that will not works on this web because this websystem don't know if the played map have 2,3,4,5 or 6 flags, so in this case your formula dont will works to me, and thats why I keep using my old formula at moment!

** About the draw results... you are right, I need change it to be 1:1 and not 0:0 (because if it is a draw will be considered the maps played and not the flags)

2) Thx for support FF ON, and it's will be running over 1.33 so for sure thats will be more realistic!

3) About respawn time... If I do what you're suggesting then some stronger teams like RnT or BIG will have many difficulty do capture just 1 flag per map even playing against more weak teams (e.g: 5v5 = (5+2) = 7 seconds? nah mate... it's a crazy respawn!

To this season I will test a middle term between the ESL/ClanBase "respawn times" and our old season "respawn times" = My suggestion that I already expose before.

As I said before (about respawn time):
-> The most important thing is... This will make that both teams have some fun in game!
-> If the respawn time is low and your opponent is more stronger than your team... there is no way for your team have some fun in game!
Edited: Wed, 24-05-17 20:19
Wed, 24-05-17 19:12  
Hello everybody!

Let me share with you my thoughts:
1) The main indicator on which victory should be awarded should be "Efficiency", now it is no victory is awarded for balls. At the moment it is considered:
Efficiency = (Flags / (Flags + Fail) * 100),
Flags is the number of flags taken;
Fail is the number of lost flags.

This formula is not accurate for calculating this coefficient. I offer you an updated formula for calculation:
Effect = (((Flags_vin - flags_lose) / Flags_ALL) + 1) * 50
Flags_vin - the number of flags taken.
Flags_lose - the number of flags passed.
Flags_ALL - total number of flags on the map.

Example calculation by this formula:
1. 3 flags on the map, 3 took, 0 passed, the effect is +1 or 100%.
2. 3 flags on the map, 0 took, 3 handed over, effect -1 or 0%.
3. 3 flags on the map, 0 took, 0 handed over. The effect is 0 or 50%. In this case, 0 or 50% is the average effect, played below this figure - played weaker draws, played better than this effect - played better draws. And no possible division by zero.
In this variant, that is 0: 0, that 3: 3 is equally effective, that is, a draw. You can certainly think about a formula where the effect will increase if the result is not 0: 0. That is 2: 2 will be better than 0: 0.

* This information is provided from the forum.

2) I support the proposals: fire on friends is allowed, since this is a more realistic action.
3) I suggest that the time for respawn be as follows:
Number of players in the team + 2 seconds = respawn time.

Your proposal is not acceptable because 5 vs 5 is not a large number of players, and the cards can be very different: maybe a small card (am_angelisland) and maybe a big one (mp_tank).

Please consider my proposals.
Wed, 24-05-17 08:38  
QuoteQuote by -Tornado-
12 seconds 5 vs 5 I think that for a lot.
It would be nice to add a vote and ->
Respawn time (depends of amount players):
-> 5v5 => 12 sec or 10 or 8
-> 4v4 => 10 sec or 8
-> 3v3 => 8 sec 6
If I well remember... about 10 years ago, when some clans of farcry did play tournaments in similar websites like ESL and or in ClanBase the respawn time there used be:

5 v 5 = 15 sec
4 v 4 = 12 sec
3 v 3 = 10 sec
2 v 2 = 08 sec

* From this way, every single team "even the most weak" have possibilities to make some points, if they play with tactics and control their timing to attack/defend flags! (In my opnion the respawn times that I have defined for this season are fine for both sides!)
* Also this just will force all teams to play with some tactics to attack/defend in game, and the most important thing is... This will make that both teams have some fun in game!
* You all will see that I am right, (E.g.: If the respawn is low and your opponent is more stronger... there is no way for you have some fun in game!) emo

About friendly fire issues... There is already running a poll vote on this website to decide if we will put it ON or OFF, you all can vote until day 03/06/2017, when I will check the final results!

Edited: Wed, 24-05-17 10:11
Wed, 24-05-17 05:14  
12 seconds 5 vs 5 I think that for a lot.
It would be nice to add a vote and ->
Respawn time (depends of amount players):
-> 5v5 => 12 sec or 10 or 8
-> 4v4 => 10 sec or 8
-> 3v3 => 8 sec 6
Edited: Wed, 24-05-17 05:17
Tue, 23-05-17 21:54  
Vote is already avialable on polls emo so just vote emo
Tue, 23-05-17 20:57  
Vote will be the best option because in another way we wouldn't get to agreement emo
Tue, 23-05-17 19:05  
LM can better make a vote, about all this and how all will go away so it will be. emo
Tue, 23-05-17 18:58  
Very good! FF should be ON like on 1.6 tournaments, great idea LM emo
We will take mp_px_airstrip again.
Tue, 23-05-17 18:41  
For FunWar, it could be fun, but for ClanWar, I think it's not worth doing it, because you need to get used to it and it takes time.emo Just imagine if at the right moment the clan loses the flag because you can kill whith a granade your clan mate near the flag, it means that the clan will only blame you. emo I'm personally against it. emo
Tue, 23-05-17 17:54  
For me FF on is not a good idea. It will be half ffa and half assult game. That's mean that I can kill for example my bro, if that will happend then he will kill me in real life. You will go to prison LM emo
When someone will touch the flag defenders will not use nades, couse it will be risky.
I played 99 % of my games with ff off so it will be hard to change this on my mind emo
What do you think guys ? Maybe I'm wrong, but i always had right emo
Tue, 23-05-17 15:51  
On this FWL season's we will make our matches more interesant...

-> Now we will use the anticheat system protection from the lastest LR version.
-> The friendly-fire will be activated (Teamkill ON)
-> Respawn time (depends of amount players):
* 5v5 => 12 sec
* 4v4 => 10 sec
* 3v3 => 8 sec
* 2v2 => 6 sec

* Some few changes on the FWL rules, check out the ruler sections: 1.7.3 and 1.7.7

QuoteQuote by Admin
In case that someone here don't agree with some of this changes, I would like know your opnion about!
Edited: Tue, 23-05-17 16:13
Tue, 23-05-17 10:42  
Some suggestions of assault maps for the next season:
am_angelisland (E-S)
am_chemical (Gents)
am_rundown (RnT)
eu_castle (MFA)
mp_px_airstrip (BIG)

* All teams can change the selected maps before the day 03/06/2017.
Edited: Fri, 02-06-17 09:30
Mon, 22-05-17 20:46  
am_angelisland emo
Edited: Tue, 23-05-17 05:28
Mon, 22-05-17 17:48  
I request for every TEAM LEADER that wish join for the next FWL - 3rd Season... To make the team signup before Sat, 03/06/2017.

This is just to confirm the teams to join in the season!!!

And after make the confirmation... Please, post here what MAP your team will play in the next FWL 3rd Season?

Thxs in advance... emo

Edited: Mon, 22-05-17 17:59
Fri, 19-05-17 09:28  
So who play in 3rd edition ? Couse I heard that some clan won't to play. It's also time to choose the map to prepare well emo
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