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ico Match: BIG vs RnT
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ico Summary

flag BIG

flag RnT
Type: FC-T#04/2017
Referee:flag Krieger
Server:FWL Official Server #2
Date:Sun, 27-08-17 21:00 | GMT+2
Score details: mp_to_cargo » 1:3
am_angelisland » 2:0
flag BIG flag RnT
ico Description
Server settings:

* Map time limit per round => 20min (for each side)
* Invulnerability Timer on respawn => 3 Seconds
* Respawntimes:
1) 5v5 => 12 sec
2) 4v4 => 10 sec
3) 3v3 => 8 sec
4) 2v2 => 6 sec

* LR (ON)
* Rockets (OFF)
* Friendly Fire (ON)
* Team Balance (OFF)

screen mp_to_cargo:
ico Comments
Wed, 30-08-17 14:17  

first at all up to Najman. We've never had a good friendship since you were in AVP, for whatever reason.
Up to the first rule you said. About spectators. If any E.s guy connected while we had the BIG vs RnT match (Which I don't remember) I got no problem that they watch the game.
They even made a Video when Gents played.
However like Tornado said, it came to a split, and the creation of BIG. So there is a kind of relationship maybe. I don't know, maybe create a rule for that kind of situation, if the members are allowed to spectate matches of the last Team there were associated with.
I didn't know that there wa a E.s player on, he came on before I came, and went alrady before I've been on the server fixing the 1.33 Settings.
Here we got the Chat:
[27.08.2017 21:57:26] (say) (:RnTemoHercules to all: aww,,
[27.08.2017 21:57:47] (say) (:RnTemoHercules to all: ocb plesae leave ;D
[27.08.2017 21:57:52] (say) [E-s.ocbtqgvg to all: ahhah emo
[27.08.2017 21:57:53] (say) [E-s.]ocbtqgvg to all: ok
He left because Hercules told him to go, and he did it.

It's kind of confusing I know, theorically they came late, but according to the rules they came at the right time... We really don't know to which timezone we are accorded now... Which is quite confusing. We will or update the website to GMT+1 like the rules says, or update the rules to GMT+2 like the website is build on.

As far as I know (I will ask it to Deltree) both maps need to be played at the same date... Theorically. If Deltree is gonna say me something else... Let's see what he says.

Theres a rule which is the following to reschedule the "match". If this rule allows to reschedule just one of both maps, I don't know. However it sounds like to reschedule the whole match with both maps. Which wasn't the situation, we played one map, and had trouble on the other one...

QuoteQuote by By me:
1.7.3 - If someone is missing itís possible play with -1 player for one side (in the case of commun agreement between both sides, or also reschedule the match to another date/time!)

Now to Wakka: It's your personal opinion, which has to be respected, and I've never been into the decision to work on Tournament stuff. However, I've been put into it by several persons.

However we all take it too serious, but this tournament got rules, which is the reason all this gets so serious.

Regars Kr!eger.
I'm out.
Edited: Wed, 30-08-17 14:36
Wed, 30-08-17 11:17  
First, watch the words and think that you write.
We are gathered here, not to pour mud at each other, it is the language of people with low intellect.
RNT for the spectators - LM or Krieger, because thanks to them we can still play Far Cry and they support this game and this website.
But realizing that they can not always be present in the audience, we all agree with one player from a neutral team that: (did not play in this clan and was not a friend of the team).
E-S played with BIG in one team at the very beginning and most of you are friends.
As you understand, many clans are preparing for the game and considering the tactics of the game against other clans, this will help change the course of the future game.
We would not want to show this before playing with another clan.
By the way, we already had viewers from E-S players and even recorded the game when we played with the MFA and we not against it.
I hope that I said that everything is clear for you, and you will have no more questions.
About the delay; we came for 20:30 GMT+1, which means 30 minutes before the game, GMT+1, this the time for which all clans have to play and it is specified in the rules.
GMT+2 this is time of the this website and do not confuse it please.

Krieger, just stays the interests of the rules of the game that we all make together and not the interests of the clans.
Here is an example of recently we played with MFA and because of lag we mutually agreed to play on the RNT server.

Krieger was a spectator and that's what after the game he wrote:

QuoteQuote by By me:
I had a phone call yesterday when I was on the server.
The rules have been broken, which is unfair against all other Teams.
I do not know how MFA came to the idea of accepting changement, but vs Gents we will play both games on a fully protected server, and we will not accept a changement to the Tournament Rules. Emo
Thank you.

Here he proved to everyone that he is for the rules and not for the interests of the Clans.
Edited: Wed, 30-08-17 12:21
Wed, 30-08-17 09:38  
Lets have a rematch if you have balls, cause now i can join the game as well, and Krieger is not the admin to talk to it's LM he is FAIR and wise enough to make good decissions. I vote krieger off as a admin so has more time for himself and his stuff. See you in the server if u aint affraid , I'll 1v5 you with my Bosnian inet. Best regards w4kka Rox
Wed, 30-08-17 08:52  
Just read what you wrote here and I'm not even going to start talking to you because you will always be on the RNT side.

About rules:
1.2 -"During every match can be present some admin on spectator and 1 other player choosen from neutral team" - Tell me why E-s players couldnt't watch the game?
1.7.4 - "If clan isn't present in time (15 min of tollerance) or the number of players is less than two, opponent clan will win this match +3 points". Rnt was late 1 hour !

You brake the rules 2 times !

P.S. The referee should be neutral and Krieger were not (He blackmailed BIG team that they had to play the second map because it would be a walkover) so I dont want him on spectator on the next BIG matches.
Tue, 29-08-17 22:51  
You haven't had any conversation with me so far, either here and neither in TeamSpeak, so I don't know what you mean.

Tue, 29-08-17 22:26  
You came one hour after time and now you say respect the opponents? Are you stupid or just pretend?
Conversation with U and Krieger have no sense. Good night
Tue, 29-08-17 22:06  
You probably fell from the sky, read the rules please of the tournament, there everything is written and you need learn to respect the opponents.
I again repeat, close this topic. emo
Tue, 29-08-17 20:45  
In this tournament the most important should be FAIR PLAY ! But as I see RNT got it in the ass. Maybe in this way you win the tourny...good job.
Btw. 21:00 GMT+2....it was your fault not our, that's why the 2nd map should be played at another time. Pathetic :/
Tue, 29-08-17 13:39  
Thanks for understanding. emo
Tue, 29-08-17 12:56  
We have had this conversation yet.

I don't know how other admins use to do they administration, and even Deltree. However my personal opinion is, that the rights have been given before the Tournament started, and I think the people, the clans and the admins according to each team is able to have a diplomatic and democratic way of doing these things.

If you and your clan would like to have removed admin access to the clan admins this could be done democratically by a voting, where every clan admin is gonna refuse they admin access and share your opinion. If 3 to 4 clans accept this decision than it would be done.

However since I think at least that this Tournament is working in peace, fun, fair and in democratic ways. So I think it wouldn't be needed to remove Administration access to the clan leaders.

However since I don't know if Deltree is making this Tournament in a diplomatic and democratic way, or if he is admin and takes all decisions without asking Clan leaders at all. So I don't know how this is gonna be taken.

However currently it works like that. And admin access can just be removed if a Clan Leader has the wish to get the access refused, or if an admin is using the access for bad and/or for cheating ways. By giving it's own team an advantage.

Regards Kr!eger
Edited: Tue, 29-08-17 13:02
Tue, 29-08-17 12:34  
RNT clan would like to ask LM and Krieger deny access to FWL servers, to avoid further misunderstandings. Access to FWL servers should only be by neutral people like LM and Krieger.
Yes, we understand that you can not always be present in the spectaters, but in this case you can put common permanent passwords and not remove them. And also use these servers only for Clan War tournaments before the season ends. Thanks.
Tue, 29-08-17 10:52  
I agree to Tornado.

Which means the topic has to be closed. Let's introduce a rule for that kind of situation, so that in the future this situation can easily be handle.

I'm glad you think that my administration was right that way, even if I've not spoken to any penalty in this match - and I'm not even in the mood to give any penalty until it's not needed at all.

Just as small information: To the guys which privately insult, it would be appreciated to use a common and adequate language in public and even in private, since admins can read the chats - and bad language can be reason for a penalty.

About the Server Settings.
These players who got server administration access into the QuickPanel ingame. There's a list/button which is called "Weaponsettings", right bellow theres a list where you can select "1.40", "1.33" and "XTv4" as possible Weaponsettings, just select "1.33" and click "Change" button. Once done this, the map chossen is gonna be apply, with the selected weapon settings.
Edited: Tue, 29-08-17 11:04
Tue, 29-08-17 10:12  
I agree, let's close this topic, because it's not going to be good. emo
Let's leave it's to the Admins, they know what to do, so that it does not happen again in the future.
We understand and now have found out, because of what, happened this is not up to understanding and I hope that the Admins will correct this.
When the BIG clan appeared, all players from RNT and other clans were happy, because that old and strong players returned.
Let's agree, that this would not happen again in the future (I mean with the settings and with the re-connection of players) and let's close this topic on positive. emo
Thank you Krieger, you really did what the Admin should do.
Mon, 28-08-17 21:59  
It seems that you donít understood. I had no problems with ping, hd or ulost. Hd and ulost was ok. Network was ok. I was suddenly disconnected from the server, waiting 10-20-30 seconds, disconnect, reconnect, restart the game, but it happened again and again. In defense and in attack. In defense round about 7 disconnections. Attack was little bit better regarding the connection problems. Probably you take all flags in a 3vs3, but with these problems itís a gift.

Nevertheless, thx for game and hf.
Edited: Mon, 28-08-17 22:00
Mon, 28-08-17 21:12  
This is probably the most hilarious things I have readen so far emo

21h GMT+2 = 20hGMT+1 : did you ever noticed it ?! emo

So it's respecting the rules "19h until 22h GMT+1".

Anyway, let's close this topic and remember what FWL means and why most of us are still playing FarCry.

Edited: Mon, 28-08-17 21:12
Mon, 28-08-17 20:49  
If a disconnection has been caused by server. Than you would get a message when disconnect like "Disconnected from server..." "Server not responding..." or "Client not responding...". Currently it seems like you did all disconnections by your self by clicking the "Disconnect" or "Reconnect" button in the menu.

I asked you to ones you get a Crash/Kick from the server to take a screenshot from the message you got when disconnected. If you haven't made that kind of favour I've asked you todo, we can't really believe that there were Network/Connetion Issues towards the gaming server, right now. Since the oposide Team and either the Spectators had these kind of issues.

Currently you are both lucky that our game servers are able to save your Statistics during the disconnection, otherwise we wouldn't have 49 and 30-something kills to Taking and Hunter.

@RnT: I hope the problem is quickly gonna be fixed by Deltree, so that the rules are gonna update to GMT+2 since everything else isn't on GMT+1, everything in of GMT+2 like the Screenshot of Andy shows, there must be a problem in the rules, which means the rules are gonna be updated to GMT+2 to fix this problem.

Edited: Mon, 28-08-17 20:55
Mon, 28-08-17 20:24  
Please do not confuse this time, that you showed for us, this the time of this website but not game for Clan War.
All the seasons and matches that we play on time GMT + 1 and it's written in rules that needed to be read and respected.
Regarding disconnections and reconnection's, Krieger wrote to you that you need to make screenshots that prove that this internet problem, although I do not quite understand how it can be if you have pings 15-23.
OK, yes, many of the players and i have this problems with the Internet, or FPS or Crash server, but it's enough to reconnect 1-2 times, but not 6-7 times, and even more so of several of your players.

About the expense of the gift for us, you are mistaken, because you have the problem with reconnected at the beginning of the game when you attacked us. emo

About the changing the configuration this server: such things are not decent to do for the strongly the team and the more so the guys who play for fun.
RNT clan would like to ask LM and Krieger to take away all access from all admins to avoid further misunderstandings.
This should be done managed by neutral people like LM and Krieger.

Edited: Mon, 28-08-17 20:25
Mon, 28-08-17 18:40  
I donít know why I got these disconnections. Ulost and HD was ok. No one else uses my network (downloading etc.) and I was connected via cableÖ never seen this before, never had this before and it has definitely nothing to do with spectating or gaining an advantage like tor quotes (4.2.5). I was already disconnected before your team got the first flag. I wasnít on the server as you got the second and third flag. So, I really canít understand why you are quoting the rules about penalty points. You should be happy for that gift. Especially with this one-hour delay.
Mon, 28-08-17 17:44  
According to your Problem. First at all I'm not your Internet Provider.
I'm just following rules, which are written in this website. If you got Problems, than solve them somehow. It's your Provider, your Computer, your Data. It's not my work to fixup your computer from god-knows which problems.

I just watch the game, and if rules are broken than I put penalties to that team. Point and End. Same what every referee does in a Torunament.

I haven't experienced any lags during the game, and your team leader Andy and even RnT players haven't argued either.

By the logs of the server I knew that a BIG member has changed the weaponstyle right before he changed to am_angelisland, and wanted to play the whole game on 1.40 Settings, while the Tournament is set to 1.33.
The strange thing is that also a BIG player has informed me about the strange weapons(Pure 1.40), I'm not going to tell names, but I've been informed to quickly react and go onto the server to change the weaponstyle back to 1.33.

@RnT: I've informed Deltree to change the rules, and change it to GMT+2 to not confuse futurely.
Edited: Mon, 28-08-17 18:19
Mon, 28-08-17 16:40  
Hey Krieger,

Dont know about Talking but I for me it was a laggy nightmare on the Angelisland map. I reconnected myself to see if it resolves the lag problem but it didnt. 1st map on airstrip had some ulost but still was playable.
Just to clarify I have 80 MB net run on optical fiber with no problems in other games. I wonnder if Talking had simmilar problems maybe ??

Mon, 28-08-17 11:14  

Thx for the game.
Edited: Mon, 28-08-17 11:15
Sun, 27-08-17 23:49  
Thanks for the game.
Sorry, but I don't understand where you took the GMT + 2, if we play all the seasons GMT + 1,
Because before we played with you and with other clans in time GMT + 1 and we had no problems with anyone. I think you drink a lot of beer.. emo
Even written in the rules here:

QuoteQuote by By me:
5.1 - The league will be every Saturdays and/or Sundays from 19h until 22h GMT+1.
5.7 - All matches will start between 19:00H and 22:00H GMT+1 || Check the date/clock on header of this website ||

1.1.2 - The default patch of the tournament is LRv2 with 1.33


4.2. Very important... If you:
4.2.5 - A player from an opponent team that is in match is like a spectator for more than 30 sec "for more than 2x times" after the game already started (or play / or leave the server).

Edited: Mon, 28-08-17 08:13
Sun, 27-08-17 22:04  
Hey during the match happened very strange things.

I've checked the server logs, and the Andy! has changed the Weapon settings from the QuickPanel to 1.40 and than he changed to am_angelisland.

Reason why I needed to come to change the settings back to 1.33 and am_angelisland.

Also very strange was that for some reason Taking disconnected like 7 times from the map mp_to_cargo.

Has Taking getn any Message on disconnect with the titel "Disconnected from server..."?

Regards Kr!eger
Sun, 27-08-17 19:30  
It's 21:30 | GMT+2 and still waiting for RNT team, could yyou please at least let us know when you can't be here on time ?
Sun, 27-08-17 19:16  
Hey RNT, where are you people emo
Sat, 26-08-17 16:42  
Ok, we will try to have 5 players.
Sat, 26-08-17 16:36  
4 maybe 5
Wed, 23-08-17 12:19  
Hi BIG, how many players will you have on Sunday?
Sat, 19-08-17 09:22  
It is nice Andy, just wanted to clarify. See you on the battlefield. emo
Sat, 19-08-17 09:07  
Hey Tor emo Our game is on 27.08.2017, so everything is ok emo
Fri, 18-08-17 22:02  
Hi BIG, we can play with you until 28.08.2017, after 28.08.2017, two players from RNT go on holiday and we will not be able to play. emo
Edited: Sat, 19-08-17 07:56
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