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ico Match: RnT vs MFA
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ico Summary

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Type: FC-T#04/2017
Referee:flag lm
Server:FWL Official Server #1
Date:Wed, 16-08-17 20:30 | GMT+2
Score details: am_angelisland » 3:1
nrw_matmata » 3:3
flag RnT flag MFA
ico Description
Server settings:

* Map time limit per round => 20min (for each side)
* Invulnerability Timer on respawn => 3 Seconds
* Respawntimes:
1) 5v5 => 12 sec
2) 4v4 => 10 sec
3) 3v3 => 8 sec
4) 2v2 => 6 sec

* LR (ON)
* Rockets (OFF)
* Friendly Fire (ON)
* Team Balance (OFF)

screen am_angelisland:
ico Comments
Fri, 18-08-17 20:52  
The point is when it comes to setting up such options that are responsible for compensating for the difference in ping, you need to understand that the server can interpret them differently. In order to determine the impact of an option on the players need to conduct more than a dozen iksperementov. Accordingly, if the FC servers are on the same machine, this does not mean that there can not be lags to the neighboring FC server. And also do not forget that setting up the server is always a compromise (as well as everything in our life), so you can not exclude errors when setting certain parameters. Krieger, you are simply asked for a more mature version of the server FC, because some players with some kind of lag time begins during the game. And passing to the next server, these lags disappear, proceeding from what the players are doing a legitimate reasoning ....
Fri, 18-08-17 16:49  
I'm sure that the number of Granades a gunner got, the number of Bombs a engineer has, flashlights, etc. Are different between Tornado's server and the FWL servers. Which is the main problem, and changement.

I have no problem about playing the matches on other servers, so at least "release" the official server configs so that they can be installed on other servers, maybe an idea.

Back to the lagging problem, the machine is a Windows Server, with 16 to 32GB of Memory, and an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU. It can't be, that a such powerful machine produces lags. There are just 3/4 GB of 16 to 32 GB memory in use. This machine could even handle 16 FarCry servers, as each uses just 512MB of memory, and FarCry is a 32Bit Game. emo

We should optimize more the Settings. Also all servers should use the same, otherwise the servers are unbalancing each other. My server connection settings are following.

log_FileVerbosity = "0" -- Log file detail (stable server 0 debug server 1, 3 or 9)
log_Verbosity = "0" -- Log console detail (stable server 0 debug server 1, 3 or 9)

sv_maxupdaterate = "70" -- Max 'cl_updaterate' allowed on the server (5-100)
sv_maxcmdrate = "100" -- Max 'cl_cmdrate' allowed on the server (5-100)
sv_maxrate = "70000" -- INTERNET server bandwidth between 30000 - 80000
sv_maxrate_lan = "100000" -- LAN bandwidth 'maximum' 100000
sv_DedicatedMaxRate = "70" -- Maximum update frequency (per second) for the dedicated server
gr_DedicatedServer = "1" -- Is DedicatedServer? (1=yes / 0=no)

sv_min_scheduling_delay = "16" -- Min 'delay' on events like using car/mg for low ping
sv_max_scheduling_delay = "120" -- Max 'delay' on events like using car/mg for high ping
sys_StreamCompressionMask = "8"

I really suggest having "log_FileVerbosity" and "log_Verbosity" on "0" to not let the server write a whole roman of logs which slows down the server functionality.
Edited: Fri, 18-08-17 17:03
Fri, 18-08-17 05:19  
It should have been written the following: Hello, my friend Krieger!
I have great respect for you and for your work that you do for FC! I remember our conversation with you about the Russian language, so I decided to write this message in Russian. I'm sure that you will translate it and maybe you will be interested in our language ....
Tell me that it's bad when teams do not have a claim to each other revenge full trust?
If someone has a complaint from our rivals, we are ready to make a rematch!
With respect your Privet!
Fri, 18-08-17 05:16  
Fri, 18-08-17 05:14  
Привет, мой друг Krieger!
Я отношусь с большим уважением к тебе и к твоей работе которую ты делаешь для FC! Я помню наш с тобой разговор о русском языке, по этому решил написать это сообщение на русском. Я уверен что ты его переведёшь и возможно тебя заинтересует наш язык ....
Скажи что плохого когда команды не имеют претензии друг к другу месть полное доверие?
Если у кого-то есть претензии со стороны наших соперников мы готовы сделать реванш!
С уважениям ваш Privet!
Thu, 17-08-17 22:54  

* First of all... MFA just accept play 1 map as a valid test on Tornado server, however the server follow all FWL config's and rules (except one, that's dont have LR ON there, cos they dont have the last LR version on their server!)

QuoteQuote by Krieger
The rules have been broken, which is unfair against all other Teams - including mine.

Why it's unfair against all other teams? MFA did accept the match over there after a commun agreement's between both sides and also after the match, we (MFA) has taked it as a valid game since we "MFA" didn't see nothing wrong even with any player/s!

About all fucture match on FWL... Must be running over LR servers with anti-cheater ON, I repeat... That's was only a special case that I accept as a valid match for dont waste more time since we had start play very later!

Btw... I already change FWL servers config's with your last tips... lets see if you've right, and the lags gone! (maybe if you had tell me it before, I am sure that we didn't have this topic now!)

Thx and Regards,
Thu, 17-08-17 21:44  
Krieger, before the game we told the MFA to play one map on the FWL Server and other map on the RNT or MFA Server, because FWL server have laggs and after agreeing to MFA we played the second map on the other server.
If you were a spectator, you had to see our correspondence and say your own opinion there.

After the game, we talked with LM about the lags on the FWL servers. Maybe this is because of the new settings, because with LR addon with the old settings such lags we don't have before.
Edited: Thu, 17-08-17 21:52
Thu, 17-08-17 11:42  
I've had a phone call yesterday when I was spectating, but when I came back nobody was on the server anymore, I found out the second match has been done on another server which wasn't "AntiCheat-Protected", as far as I know you couldn't play on a non PunkBuster server when we had "ESL" 2005 or "ClanBase".
The rules have been broken, which is unfair against all other Teams - including mine.
I don't know how MFA came to the idea of accepting changement, but vs Gents we will play both games on a fully protected server, and we will not accept a changement to a server which isn't configured according to the Tournament Rules. emo

Thank you

PS: Lags can't be reason for server changement, because both servers FWL and Tornados servers are running on the same Root server, same connection, same Windows Server, etc. There can be just one reason which is the server configuration, if you find kind of laggy than I would go in TeamSpeak together with Deltree and me, to exchange server settings, to improve the servers.

By the way Deltree, the variables "log_FileVerbosity" and "log_Verbosity" were on value "9" yesterday. To have a stable server you need to have these variables on "0" to not waste server energy.
Edited: Thu, 17-08-17 11:55
Wed, 16-08-17 23:09  
Thank you too guys, your team are really strong and MFA need improve more in game... Best luck to you in this season! emo
Wed, 16-08-17 23:08  
Thanks for the good game, you strongly fought hard and we had to sweat. emo
Edited: Wed, 16-08-17 23:09
Wed, 16-08-17 22:06  
Thank you for the game, your team is a decent and strong opponent!
Good luck to you this season!
Mon, 14-08-17 04:36  
Well, before meeting FC battlefield!
Good luck!
Sun, 13-08-17 21:24  
tks for the understanding.

as I said, I was busy and not in my PC last days cause normally I try to notice with more days in advance.

we will have 4, maybe 5 also.

Sun, 13-08-17 19:57  
Hello JP!

It is a pity that you did not manage to play today.
I have a small request to you: in the future if you need to solve a similar question, please write about this in advance.
We can play on 16.08.17.
We ask you to reschedule the beginning of the game at 20.30, what do you say?
The number of players in our team will be 4 (maybe 5).
How many players are scheduled for your team?
Sun, 13-08-17 18:39  
Hi Privet,

sorry we cant play today. sorry for the late notice.

We can play Wednesday 21, ok for you guys?

Thank for you for some tolerance here,holidays season for mates and I was quite busy last days.



Sat, 12-08-17 07:18  
I will confirm with JP tonight
Fri, 11-08-17 04:46  
Hello! How many players will you have to participate in this game?
Edited: Fri, 11-08-17 04:47
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