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Teamspeak:  Sign ups: YES
Sign up limit: 8 Teams
Transfers: on
Players limit: 300
User's teams: YES (limit: 8)
ico Match: E-s vs RnT
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ico Summary

flag E-s

flag RnT
Type: FC-T#04/2017
Referee:flag Andy
Server:FWL Official Server #2
Date:Tue, 22-08-17 20:30 | GMT+2
Score details: mp_airstrip_snow » 0:1
am_angelisland » 0:2
flag E-s flag RnT
ico Description
Server settings:

* Map time limit per round => 20min (for each side)
* Invulnerability Timer on respawn => 3 Seconds
* Respawntimes:
1) 5v5 => 12 sec
2) 4v4 => 10 sec
3) 3v3 => 8 sec
4) 2v2 => 6 sec

* LR (ON)
* Rockets (OFF)
* Friendly Fire (ON)
* Team Balance (OFF)

screen am_angelisland:
screen mp_airstrip_snow:
ico Comments
Wed, 23-08-17 13:32  
hehe for sure right, U have always right so I will do like U say emo
Wed, 23-08-17 12:57  
Ocbtqgvg, I gave for sport about 9 years and took the first places several times.. emo
Believe me, that's enough for me.
But here for you are, I wish with all my heart good achievements in your youth years and maybe then you will respect your rivals and understand what they are trying to tell you. emo emo

Edited: Wed, 23-08-17 16:25
Wed, 23-08-17 12:11  
we were proposing Najman (he didn't play with us) - U also refuse so who can be a spectator from our side?
like U say - U have always different tactic on every game so what is wrong in this that he would watch the game
go play for gold medal on Olympic Games
anyway, never mind, it's very hard to communicate with U so I give up,
see ya
Edited: Wed, 23-08-17 12:24
Wed, 23-08-17 11:52  
Do not confuse Fun War with Clan War, it's completely different styles of the game.
Fun War is when players from different teams can play and there are not any strict rules and goals to achieve. Clan War is a completely different style of play, there are strict rules that the clans themselves created. In the clan war as in sports, the clans need to train to win and if someone deosn't follow the rules, it's not Clan War any more.
RNT for the viewers to be LM or Krieger, because thanks to them, we can still play Far Cry.
But understanding, that they could not always be present in the spectators, we agree with 1 player from the neutral team, which: (not played in this clan and not to be the friend of the team).
Andy is a strong player, and you, and we have nothing against him. But he your friend and used to play for your clan.
Many clans are preparing for the game and considering the tactics of the game against other clans, this will help change the course of the future game.
By the way, [E-s]vtnklmdc wrote here that he can draw the tactics of the RNT clan because he thought that we were going to play with the E-S according to the old tactics and he was mistaken, because we change tactics and of course we don't want to show it before playing with the other clan.
I hope that I have stated everything is clear to you and you will no longer have questions and please let's not make an Elephant out of a fly.
Thanks for understanding. emo
Wed, 23-08-17 07:38  
btw for You - RnT in the future let's see these rules in our regulations of FCW:
1.2 - During every match can be present some admin on spectator and 1 other player choosen from neutral team.
1.4 - If Your clan will play vs other Team and if you want that someone will be present on spectator, you can get somebody neutral from some other clan/team participating in the competition.

We have the right to choose for example Andy to be a spectator - there are no contraindications - he is from another (NEUTRAL) clan participating in the competition and U have to agree with this because if not U will break rules. It's stupid from Your side (don't forget in the end thats all is only for fun) that U never agree but it will be changed soon.

You are talking about "respect their rivals, especially since there are not many of them left" that's right there are fewer and fewer of them but throwing Andy from spec denies it so...? It's not favorable to popularization and development of this tournament and his good name - in this way You are slowly destroying it...

Think about it emo
Edited: Wed, 23-08-17 08:23
Tue, 22-08-17 23:55  
Ok mate I finish this topic, couse you have your right's and I have my own. Even this I respect you, your clan, like each person in this crazy world. Cheers and peace emo
Tue, 22-08-17 23:40  
Thanks E-S for the game, you fought hard and we had to sweat.
Vtnklmc, (about of 100%), as you yourself know, it's you who wrote and said that if you don't have 5 people then E-S will play 5 vs 4 emo .

RNT clan always plays honestly and dignified. Just do not have to give 100% next time and then there will not be such misunderstandings.
Regarding the fifth player, we asked you when he would be and were ready to wait. While we did 4 times restart the game due to the fact that some of your players reconnected several times, although by the rules of the game this is not good, then your 5th player already appeared and you played in full team.

Due to a 10-second respawn, we do not know who installed it and would like to ask you the same question ?.

Let's to learn how to respect their rivals, especially since there are not many of them left, and the rules that we created ourselves.
I wish you the best of luck in the next games. emo
Edited: Tue, 22-08-17 23:51
Tue, 22-08-17 22:48  
Now i know that I made a mistake, couse i give 100 % percent to have 5 players, next time i will write same like you emo(we will have at least 1 player) ,from this way you will not play on advantage again. When i wrote with humor that if you will have only 4 we play 5 vs 4, privet start talk about rules- funny, couse you don't know what this word means emo. But you don't understand guys that some accidents happend, your clan never have honour- NEVER, and you will never have in the future. You love to play in advantage - I know this. I promised myself that we will never again play in disadvantage, but my guys very quickly agree to play 4 vs 5. I don't like it, but I love them emo, couse they have heart to fight, that's why we are E-s clan not Rnt emo
Also intresting is why we play on angelisalnd map with 10 sec resp when was 4 vs 5 and then on airstrip with 12 ?
By the way- congratz for you, you won but some day we will beat I'm sure, not today but in the future. emo We have more skill, but you are better with tactic.
One more thing, couse at Sunday I'm sure that I can't be on spec during your clanwar- so I want to wish my friends from Big clan good luck and I know they will kick your asses in our name too emo I'm also sure that during Sunday evening on my face will be this emoti emo
Btw. Hercules is almost on Illyrian level, keep doing it emo
Edited: Tue, 22-08-17 23:27
Tue, 22-08-17 22:13  
Well ... after a few misunderstandings which took place before the game and on which we haven't got any influence - congratulations for winning to You emo
Edited: Tue, 22-08-17 22:25
Tue, 22-08-17 17:37  
To be honest no I don't understand, we also have clanwar with them, but that's change nothing. If you think that he will be on spec to see your tactic, you're wrong. Now i can draw for you your tactic, you want- ? very easy emo
btw. Andy is strong like Warka- kind of polish beer emo. He bought beers and some snacks for this game, who will pay now for this emo? couse not me emo
Edited: Tue, 22-08-17 17:47
Tue, 22-08-17 17:30  
Hi E-S, Andy is a strong player and against him we have nothing, we know that he is a friend of your clan, and also we will have a game with the BIG clan.
I hope that you understand what I'm talking about. emo
Tue, 22-08-17 16:41  
ok mate from your side will be lm or kriger, from our Andy emo even he can be on your team speak if you wish emo now it's fair emo
One of rules:
1.2 - During every match can be present some admin on spectator and 1 other player choosen from neutral team.
Edited: Tue, 22-08-17 16:52
Tue, 22-08-17 16:37  
I ask that the viewer be LM, Krieger. I hope for your understanding! Thank you!
Tue, 22-08-17 16:30  
What' wrong with him emo? He's in other clan, I don't see problem. We need to have spectator couse if something will happend, how then we will decide what to do ? For me even my grandma can be on spec. During tournament in 2013 there was over 5-6 spectator's during the game. Come on emo We play for money emo? or what ? couse I don't know. emo
Edited: Tue, 22-08-17 16:35
Tue, 22-08-17 16:20  
Thank you for being paraphrased. We have nothing against this is a good player! But we are against the fact that he would be a spectator or judge, since we believe that this role should be performed by a person who is not moral, who has no preconceived interests. Please understand and go to meet my request! Thanks in advance!
Tue, 22-08-17 16:09  
No problem mate, Andy form Big clan will be on spectator during our game emo
Tue, 22-08-17 16:09  
Andy will be a referee of our match - its a problem?
Tue, 22-08-17 16:02  
Excuse me for my bad English, please rephrase your sentences, I did not understand its meaning.
Tue, 22-08-17 07:27  
Andy from Big clan will be on spec emo
Mon, 21-08-17 08:09  
We will try to score 5 players.
Sun, 20-08-17 14:04  
This screenshot was obtained as a result of the mutual consent of the teams for the game in an unequal composition.

This is true?

I appreciate your attempt to attract an extra player, because FC unfortunately does not have the best times, so all players who stayed true to our game should go together and support each other!
Sun, 20-08-17 13:13  
I just wrote this to push you in find a 5th player emo, of course we will play in equal team. In our clan word - fair is on the 1st place -always. But one thing if we talking about same number of players. Remeber 1st edition final game ? emo
Ok I end this topic, seeya at Tuseday emo
Edited: Sun, 20-08-17 13:24
Sun, 20-08-17 12:23  
QuoteQuote by By me:
If you will not find 5th player, we will play 5 vs 4

Tell me vtnklmdc, are tournament rules allowed to play in an unequal composition?
Edited: Sun, 20-08-17 12:25
Sun, 20-08-17 10:46  
I am sure that if you will ask Kent or Vasya, they will play emo
Sun, 20-08-17 10:37  
We will try, but do not promise 100%. emo
Sat, 19-08-17 15:19  
We will have 5 players for 100 percent, please don't let one of us seat on the bench emo
btw. If you will not find 5th player, we will play 5 vs 4 emo
Edited: Sun, 20-08-17 09:35
Sat, 19-08-17 14:32  
QuoteQuote by By me:
Hi, at monday i am not home, what about tuseday 20 30 uk time ? we can play 5 vs 5, but i need to confirm this in 100 %

Ok, we can play on Tuesday at 20:30 on the UK time. Most likely, we will have 4 players, but we will try to have 5.
Fri, 18-08-17 19:41  
NP, we can play on Monday at 20:30 UK time. Most likely we will have 4 players, but we will try to have 5. emo
Edited: Sat, 19-08-17 08:00
Fri, 18-08-17 16:33  
I mean to choose one day from monday to friday next week emo
p.s I was trying to play on friday, also on saturday but you can't, so what I can do, all of us have plans, private life etc emo
Edited: Fri, 18-08-17 16:45
Fri, 18-08-17 16:14  
It's better this week, because next week you and we have a game with other clans. emo
Fri, 18-08-17 13:57  
Need to ask my teammstes emo but i think better idea will be to play during the next week emo
Edited: Fri, 18-08-17 15:00
Fri, 18-08-17 13:01  
Hi E-S, sorry but we would like to change the game on Sunday at 21.00, because most of the players will not be able to play on Saturday.
Most likely we will have 4 players, but we will try to have 5.
Thu, 17-08-17 19:38  
I need to discuss this with the team. As soon as I receive an answer, I will definitely tell you.
Wed, 16-08-17 11:24  
We will have 4 players. Can we start at 20 uk time ?
Edited: Wed, 16-08-17 13:59
Tue, 15-08-17 19:32  
Hello vtnklmdc!
Unfortunately, we will not be able to play on 18.08.17.
I can not now say for sure if we have 4 players or 5.
Most likely there will be 4 players.
See you on the battlefield FC!
Edited: Tue, 15-08-17 19:32
Mon, 14-08-17 17:54  
Hi guys, can we play at Friday (18th of this month) - 20 30 or 21 uk time ? couse only at this day we will have all our team - 5 players emo
Edited: Mon, 14-08-17 21:35
Thu, 10-08-17 04:45  
Hello! How many players will you have to participate in this game?
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